Mandy (false name)

I am so grateful for the counselling help I received through Dove Christian Counselling!  My life has changed so much because of the freedom and hope I was able to grab a-hold of through the counselling process.  I was suffering a depression, due to a combination of overwhelming external pressures happening in a relatively short period of time: my teenage daughter becoming pregnant; the back wall collapsing in our building and the subsequent financial catastrophe, being decanted from the flat--with 4 children, almost 2 years of headaches with insurance, construction, and a constant stream of workmen after we returned to the flat, dealing with unscrupulous and dishonest businesses in the reconstruction process; in addition, the precarious and declining health of my elderly father, 2 overseas trips to be with him; the untimely and acrimonious leaving of a close work colleague and, finally, my own failing health.  Added to these were the internal pressures as well, which only really were pushed to the surface because of my external struggles.  I had, over the years, accumulated a hopelessness that seeped into and poisoned almost every area of my psyche.  My mantra had become "I can't!"  I had lost sight of hope and the truth about God, myself, and my world.  My counsellor listened non-judgementally to my struggles and asked questions that helped clarify my thinking.  As we worked through my issues, she lovingly and gently held out the truth to me, reminding me, as a peson whom God deeply loves, that I am not a victim and that I can choose my response to pain and suffering, and that I can choose to believe truth or not, and that if I do claim what is true, that the truth would set me free.  She also gave me some simple tools to apply the truth to my Life, so it became not just a mental understanding, but also a living basis and framework for my behaviour and feeling.  Getting my life onto a solid basis again has empowered me to resume my work and responsibilities to my family, and to move toward becoming the person I am meant to be and accomplishing my goals and dreams.  The truth has indeed set me free!  I thank God for the help I have received through Dove and I would urge anyone who needs help to not wait.  It is more than worth the effort!!!!