Diane's Story


In these last 24 years I've been to Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists many times and never has anyone been so successful or made more sense to me than the Dove counsellors.


Dove has freely given me the tools for breakthrough.  It has given me the strength to deal with issues from my past.  Giving me a safety and security, Dove provided me with a place where I could open up and be honest about myself, other people in my world and situations happening around me.  Being able to talk about what I really felt allowed me to find solutions and get the right thinking I needed to move forward from past hurts. 


Not only has it equipped me with an inner strength, it has helped me become more confident in myself and in taking control of my own life and choices.  This, in turn, has made me much happier within myself.  I'm so thankful that God has set me up through Dove into a closer and deeper relationship with Him than before.  God was always with me but because of outside opinions I would get so confused and question God in my life. 


Praying at the end of each session help me re-learn how to approach God for myself and hear Him too.  Thank you Dove for giving me a platform to re-build my life.  You have set me on a road of healing and wholeness, and helped me achieve so much in these last 6 months.