Is Counselling For You?


Counselling can seem like a scary thought and can be hard work and challenging to say the least.  However, sometimes taking the plunge and making a decision to seek help is the first step on an incredible and exciting journey!  At Dove, we firmly believe that God has solutions for you and a plan for your life.


Counselling provides you with a safe place to explore your thoughts, feelings and struggles.  It can be an aid to personal and spiritual growth as you have the opportunity to have an honest look at your life in a supported environment.


We deal with  most problems and issues and the following list is an example of some of the issues people seek help with.


    • depression and anxiety
    • sexual issues
    • addiction
    • marital problems
    • eating disorders
    • spiritual issues
    • abuse in its various forms  

Due to the demand, we operate with a waiting list most of the time.  When you contact us, we will take your details and put you on the list.


Whilst our counselling has a firm Biblical basis, we see people of different faith and of no faith and we always respect others' viewpoints.


To contact us just click on the contact link and you will be directed to a page providing you with our contact details.