Client testimonials


We hope that some of the following testimonials from clients are helpful and give you hope for the future.  We give God all the glory, thanks and honour for the change and freedom He has wrought in the lives of the many people He brings to our organisation.  All names are false for the protection of our clients' identities.






It’s safe to say that many people have some sort of history or relationship in regards to engagement with pornography. It may be a sad reality but it is the reality and for too long people, myself included, have felt guilt shame and fear around this issue which has stopped us from sharing with each other the true extent of the problem. The lack of honest conversation around this issue fuels the problem and keeps it in the dark for too long and....... (click to read more)



I initially approached Dove because I wanted counselling from a Christian perspective. I'd had a breakdown over ten years previously, then a second breakdown a few years after that. I had struggled to get my life back together ever since while battling depression and major anxiety.

Throughout those years I'd seen Counsellors, Psychologists, a Psychiatrist and Occupational Health Therapist and.......  (click to read more)



 I am so grateful for the counselling help I received through Dove Christian Counselling!  My life has changed so much because of the freedom and hope I was able to grab a-hold of through the counselling process.  I was suffering a depression, due to a combination of overwhelming external pressures happening in a relatively short period of time: my teenage daughter becoming pregnant; the back wall collapsing in our building and the......(click to read more)



 To an outside observer, my childhood would have looked fine.  But for me it was a time when I received emotional wounds from those closest to me which would stay with me and have a profound influence on my perception of God, myself and others into adulthood.  Emotional reserve and criticisms hit hard and, unable to shrug them off, I grew up feeling feeling....... (click to read more)



I experienced a breakdown of sorts five years ago. Brought on I thought, by a stressful time at work. I ended up being on sick leave for 4 months. During this period and after much soul-searching I finally surrendered my life to Christ. In that respect I’m glad I went through it all.  However, five years on from that life changing experience I was to suffer a.......  (click to read more)



Writing is not something I usually find difficult, but on this particular occcasion it does not come easily.  On one hand I am overwhelmed by the immensity of God's love and forgiveness but on the other I still, at times, feel ashamed of the extent of my sin.  This Easter time (2009), I moved into.......  (click to read more)



In these last 24 years I've been to Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists many times and never has anyone been so successful or made more sense to me than the Dove counsellors.  Dove has freely given me the tools for breakthrough.  It has given me the strength to deal with issues from my past.  Giving me a....... (click to read more)