How can you help us?



We have a network of prayer supporters who faithfully pray for ourselves and our clients.


We are very grateful for the commitment of our prayer supporters and recognise that they provide a 'covering' for us as we carry out this ministry.


Due to the nature of our work, we are conscious that prayer support is vital to its effectiveness and continuance.


We are particularly grateful as this is largely an unseen and unsung task.  However, we know that our God sees those involved in this ministry of prayer and our prayer is that they themselves will be blessed beyond measure.



Dove Christian Counselling is a charitable organisation dependent upon the financial support of individuals and Trusts to enable us to provide our service.


We believe that God laid it on our hearts that we should not have a set charge for counselling as help should not be dependent upon means.  This has been our policy for many years.  We do ask that clients make a responsible donation towards costs if they are able.  However, no-one will be turned away for financial reasons.


many of our clients do make contributions towards the cost of their counselling and some go on to contribute and support us on a monthly basis after counselling is finished.


We operate a 'Priceless Gift' scheme which asks people to make a monthly donation by standing order or direct debit and this now accounts for a proportion of our income.


other people, organisations and/or Trusts occasionally make a donation for which we are also very grateful.


If you would like to make a donation, please click here for more information



If you would like to support our work, either as a prayer partner or financially, we would love to hear from you